Hi, I’m Susie and I have over 25 years’ experience working within the NHS and charity sectors. For the last 17 years I have led a team of passionate people to raise awareness of cancer and to empower the next generation not to be afraid to talk about cancer.
Now it’s time to do the same with Mental Health.

My experience of working with both young people with cancer and their families at a time when, physically and mentally, life has been challenging for them has left me wanting to help more people to talk about subjects that are difficult… Why? Because it’s important we understand what people around us are going through in order to offer as much support to them as possible at the earliest opportunity, to help aid their recovery sooner.
I’m passionate about utilising strong and effective leadership to deliver expert training as well as learning from the people around me.  Encouraging people to learn, to grow in confidence and be confident in talking about mental health as an everyday conversation is essential. My approach to this is delivered in a sensitive yet fun, thoughtful and reflective way, and importantly, an honest and safe environment.

I’m keen to work with all organisations and help you to create a safe place for people to share and learn.  Let’s work together to demonstrate, as an organisation, that you take Mental Health seriously and that you aren’t afraid to talk about it.


My training courses and services range from:


2-day Mental Health First Aid course (MHFA England)


Mental Health Awareness Training


Bespoke Mental Health Workshop - tailored to meet your organisation’s needs    Contact me to discuss further


1 to 1 Supervision

Susie Shaw

Mental Health First Aid Instructor - Adult and Youth.


Contact: susie@mycitrinewellness.co.uk

I have been delivering presentations and training to a variety of audiences including Health and Education professionals, thousands of teenagers and providing regular training to my peers on a wide range of subjects. I have learnt that this is where I am at my best. I have the experience, knowledge and skills to create a safe and supportive environment to help facilitate difficult conversations.
Every training session I’ve delivered I have learnt from the people I’ve met, and I love this - our collective learning from each other’s experiences and sharing thoughts and knowledge is so powerful. We all have mental health and we all have our own story to share.


As an experienced leader and counsellor, I have extensive experience and counselling skills and I’m currently training to recognise these skills via the National Counselling Society with a formal qualification as a professional counsellor.

I am a qualified MHFA England Mental Health instructor.

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